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Driving Imported Cars In The UK

Posted by on May 29, 2016

A foreigner can, for the most part, utilize a vehicle with foreign number plates without enrolling or paying tax in the UK. However on the off chance, the rider of the imported cars does not have planned to live permanently, the vehicle has genuine registration and taxation in the nation of origin. One can just utilize the vehicle for up to 6 months altogether – this can be a solitary visit or a few shorter visits more than 12 months.

Vehicle Approval

It is important for the rider to get the vehicle endorsement to demonstrate that the foreign vehicle meets natural and security regulations. Thus, one needs verification of endorsement to enroll the vehicle in the foreign country.

UK Resident Driving Non-UK Car

There are just three conceivable choices for a UK inhabitant to drive a non-UK lawfully:

  1. If the car does not belong to the UK resident, the enrolled proprietor is not a UK occupant.
  2. If the car has belongs to an EU (European Union) based organization, and the rider is currently working for that organization.
  3. If the vehicle is on a lease in another nation.


Halted By The Police?

In the event that the vehicle has non-UK number plates and the car is ceased by police, the driver should demonstrate that the vehicle can be utilized in the UK without taxation and registration in the UK. Additionally, the rider needs to show verification of the period of time being in the UK (e.g. a flight ticket) or confirmation that the vehicle is qualified for disaster relief.

Special Cases

In the event that the vehicle has a motor beneath 49cc, or 7.2kw if electric, there is no need to register the vehicle. Besides, it is excluded from reporting the entry of the vehicle into the country only with the prime condition that the car is in the UK on a temporary basis. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that the owner chooses to import the vehicle permanently, bringing to the notice of within 14 days is mandatory.

Taxation Process

The fulfillment and payment of value added tax (VAT) are mandatory if the vehicle is imported from another country provided the later stay in the country for the duration of 6 months. When a second-hand vehicle is brought into the UK from another EU nation (and mean to stay for more than six months), one need not pay VAT, provided that VAT is paid at the time of purchase in the home country.

Registration With DVLA

The permanent UK residents are not permitted to use the imported cars registered in another country unless they possess any of the exceptions, such cars must be registered with the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency) immediately. The useful tip for those owners is to contact DVLA and accomplish the registration to avoid unnecessary botheration.

After all the formalities and appropriately filled documents, they DVLA will take 2 to 3 days to complete the registration and DVLA will likewise organize the new UK plate number.

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